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Reference - Accessing Data on the TAUS Data Marketplace
You can see Chilin sample data on the TAUS Data Marketplace without registering or logging in. Go to the Data Marketplace
Under “Source Language” select “English (United States)”.  Under “Target Language” select “Chinese (China)”. From the next page, select the “Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology” Domain. 
You can then see samples from the dataset. This data is not machine translated and is suitable for English to Chinese and Chinese to English MT training. The Chilin data is available in TMX format. It is configured with “en-US” as the source language and “zh-CN” as the target language. 
To license data, you must register and log in. Through the shopping cart icon, you can navigate to Chilin’s two datasets:
You can add these to you shopping cart in their entirety, or in batches of 75% or 50%. You can then checkout and download your data.