The City From Below (2)
The City From Below 副本 (3)

Chilin (HK)

Applying deep knowledge of Chinese-English linguistics to make translation of technical documents easier for professional translators, researchers and product developers.

PatentLex Translation Assistant

  • Quickly identify and resolve difficult technical terms
  • See multiple translation options, frequency of use and real-world examples
  • Based on the over 1 million bi-lingual technical terms of PatentLex 

Chilin Corpus-based Recources

  • Over 30 million high quality bilingual sentence pairs of PatentLex
    • Based on 10 years of research
    • Based on 300,000 comparable Chinese-English patent documents across multiple disciplines
  • LiVac Pan-Chinese Synchronous Corpus
    • 22 years of Chinese media material from 6 cities
    • Monitoring linguistic socio-cultural variations
Chilin products are ideally useful for Machine Translation Developers, Translators, Linguists, and Social Sceintists. 
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