LIVaC is a tool for linguistic researchers. It is based on a large corpus of over 6 billion characters that shows the continuing evolution of the Chinese language over time and across Chinese speaking communities. 
LIVaC has been in continuous operation since 1995 LIVAC is a synchronous Chinese corpus providing insights into linguistic developments across the Chinese communities of Hong Kong, Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Macau. LIVaC continuously draws and analyzes data from the printed Chinese news media. It enables the tracking of linguistic and social developments over time. 
More information about LiVaC can be found on Wikipedia.   
 LiVaC Roster of Newsmaker
Who are the Top10 Newsmakers, or KOL (Key opinion leader) in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Taipei? ——14 of them see:
2020 LIVAC Newsmaker Roster Banner
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Roster of newsmaker for 2020 please see “Pan-Chinese top newsmaker of 2020”.

LiVaC New Chinese Buzzwords Roster


What are the NEW Buzzwords in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Taipei in 2020? —— see 
2020 新詞榜
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