PatentLex 2

PatentLex is very helpful to translators on difficult Chinese-English technical terms

- Large number of complex bilingual terms

- Usage frequency to resolve non one-to-one translation

- Authentic examples

- Enhancement of productivity in MT post-editing

High Value Documents Demand Exact Translation

Machine translation is not good enough for important business and  legal documents:


-   Technical Specifications

-   Contracts

-   Regulatory fillings, including patent applications


Complex Multi-Word Expressions Challenge Translators

-   New Technical Terms

-   Ambiguous Terms with multiple possible translations

  (Multiple Renditions)

PatentLex Is MORE than a Dictionary!


PatentLex is based on a corpus of over 1 million precisely translated technical terms:

- Chinese & English Machine Translation and Term Lookup

- Frequency Distribution for ambiguous translations

- Real-world sample sentences to resolve confusion

- All integrated into an easy to use Translation Assistant

PatentLex – Integrated Translation Assistant

A. Machine Translation (MT) by importing your source text (Optional)

- Chinese to English

- English to Chinese

B. MT Post-editing

1. LexiScan

- Scan documents for technical terms & highlight them

2. LexiSearch

- Show translation options, translations and frequency of used

3. LexiFuzSearch

- Expanded search to find similar terms

Translation Workflow
Translation Workflow
PatentLex Supports Your Translation Workflow
A Complete Translation Tool for Independent Translators


- No other products required


Works with Translation Memory


- Capture your translation results and save to your Translation Memory system