Services for Translation and Post-editing



An innovative Chinese-English Technical Compound Word Platform initially with over 1 million entries to facilitate post-editing.
To assist drafting of translation, an experimental MT system is also available.
PatentLex 2

Corpus-based Resources


Bilingual sentence pairs:

Chilin provides English-Chinese bilingual sentence pairs. Chilin’s data is technical in nature and domain specific. This makes the data ideal for training custom domain-specific Machine Translation systems. Improved machine translation will reduce your translation costs. 


Livac is the Big Database of Chinese language with over 6 billion characters drawn from news media texts from 6 major Chinese speaking cities (Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Macau, Taipei, and Singapore). Many notable dictionaries have benefited from it (e.g. Oxford Chinese - English Dictionary 2010, Lu Gusun's 陸谷孫 Chinese-English dictionary 2017, Fudan University Press).