Bilingual Sentence Pairs, supported by Patent Machine Translation Training Corpus
We can provide large quantities of top quality Chinese-English parallel sentence pairs to enhance the quality of your patent or technical machine translation system and save on your post-editing efforts. The data are extracted from over 300,000 patent documents. This resource is drawn from the training corpus and test sets developed for the Tokyo-based NTCIR 2009 & 2010 Chinese-English patent MT competitions. Our data sets are also available at TAUS data market.
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Our research team was the sole provider of the training corpus and the test sets for the two international patent machine translation competitions organized by NTCIR/NII in Tokyo in 2009 and 2010.The two competitions drew over 30 international teams from well-known universities and R&D organizations in China and abroad. Download papers: NTCIR-9/NTCIR-10.
The sentences were selected from a much larger corpus of than 300,000 Chinese-English parallel patents in different fields according to a number of filtering parameters including word alignment, sentence length and language modeling. They were then automatically segmented and aligned. All texts are encoded as UTF-8.
Our data sets are also available at TAUS data market
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