Chinese to English Machine Translation for Patent Documents
Traditional labor intensive translation work depends a lot on iterative human efforts in revision before production of the final translation. ChilinTrans aims at providing computer-aided patent translation service for the customer to save 50% or more of the cost in the traditional patent translation field.
About Chilin Machine Translation
Chilin (HK) Ltd has drawn on its vast database of parallel Chinese-English sentences from relevant patents for use with Shenyang’s Niutrans Statistical Machine Translation platform and has developed an effective Chinese-English patent machine translation system. The results surpass other popular online MT systems. Below are some qualitative comparisons of MT results (for example, obtained in Aug 2017) based on NTCIR data and evaluation set*:
  Microsoft  0.2100  6.9316
  Baidu  0.3037  7.8751
  Google PBMT 0.3672  9.0597
  ChilinTrans V1.0 0.3740 8.6722
  ChilinTrans V2.0  0.4612 9.5461
  Google Neural MT 0.4824 10.1608
  ChilinTrans V3.0   0.4902 9.8463
* Reference to NTCIR Patent Machine Translation:
  1. Isao Goto, Bin Lu, Ka Po Chow, Eiichiro Sumita, and Benjamin K. Tsou. 2011. Overview of the Patent Machine Translation Task at the NTCIR-9 Workshop. Proceeding of the 9th NTCIR Workshop, pages 559–578. (PDF)
  2. Isao Goto, Ka Po Chow, Bin Lu, Eiichiro Sumita, and Benjamin K. Tsou. Overview of the patent machine translation task at the NTCIR-10 workshop. Proceedings of NTCIR-10 Workshop Meeting, 2013 (PDF)
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