Chilin Bilingual Sentence Pairs @TAUS marketplace
Chilin has many specialist databases in store. Two of them are recently launched on TAUS.

One dataset of contains 12,947 segments: 475,509 en-US words, and 401,629 zh-CN words.  It is based on the CPC Patent Classification category A61K which covers pharmaceuticals.  
The second dataset contains 10,377 segments: 379,898 en-US words, and 327,637 zh-CN words.  It is based on the CPC Patent Classification C12N which contains many biotechnology filings.
Sample data is shown below. 
Suitable buffers include boric acid, sodium and potassium bicarbonate, sodium and potassium borates, sodium and potassium carbonate, sodium acetate, sodium biphosphate and the like, in amounts sufficient to maintain the pH at between about pH 6 and pH 8, and preferably, between about pH 7 and pH 7.5. 合适的缓冲液包括硼酸、碳酸氢钠和碳酸氢钾、硼酸钠和硼酸钾、碳酸钠和碳酸钾、醋酸钠、磷酸氢钠、等等其量足以将pH维持在大约 pH6-pH8,优选大约 pH7-pH7.5
Encapsulated dissolution formulations can be prepared either by coating particles or granules of drug with varying thicknesses of slowly soluble polymers or by microencapsulation. 通过将药物微粒或颗粒用不同厚度的缓慢溶解的聚合物包衣或通过微囊化可制备囊化溶出制剂。
While significant progress has been made in identifying factors that promote and inhibit angiogenesis, no treatment is currently available to specifically treat ocular vascular disease. 虽然在鉴别具有促进和抑制血管生成作用的因子方面取得了显著进步但目前还没有特别有效的治疗眼部血管疾病的治疗方法
The price is € 475.51 for the first data set, and € 379.90 for the second data set. You may purchase each dataset in its entirety or fractionally (50% or 75%).