Chilin (HK) Ltd

麒麟 (香港) 有限公司

Chilin (HK) Ltd. is a privately held technology company based in Hong Kong. Founded in 2005, Chilin is a spin-off of the City University Enterprises Ltd of Hong Kong. The company draws on research initiated at the university's Language Information Sciences Research Centre for more than 20 years. It is a successful provider of rigorously curated Chinese language and bilingual data for many kinds of research organizations and enterprises. Our core business has evolved to provide:
(1) High-quality bilingual Chinese-English sentence pairs for training and fine-tuning Machine Translation (MT) engines, and other NLP applications,
(2) Cost-effective and innovative bilingual Multi-word Expression (MWE) platform based on over 300,000 bilingual texts resource for post-editing, along with computer-aided technical (patent) translation,
(3) Related search services to IP professionals worldwide.
Hong Kong View
Who we are
A group of researchers and professionals in computational linguistics, led by Benjamin K. Tsou.
What we do
  • We bridge the language gap between Chinese and English​
  • Chilin’s team of computational linguists and data scientists use proprietary technology to produce bilingual datasets and bilingual lexicons. We process large volumes of technical documents and have compiled a comprehensive database of very useful English-Chinese and Chinese-English translation resources.
-   Our PatentLex translation assistance tools are based on our comprehensive lexicon and help you translate the most difficult technical terms and texts.
-   Our bilingual parallel sentence datasets are ideal for training machine learning based machine translation systems.
  • Our LIVAC corpus tracks linguistic and social trends in Chinese communities.
  • For 22 years, Chilin has been monitoring the evolution of the Chinese language and all of its variations through a very large corpus based on the analysis of news sites in Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao, Taipei, Shanghai, and Singapore.
  • Based on the news media information, Chilin publishes annual Rosters of new words and newsmakers among of main Chinese communities. This corpus is available by subscription and allows linguists, social scientist, and marketing analysts to identify newly emerging trends. Translators working to localize content between regions can use the corpus to identify new words, expressions and usage patterns.