LIVaC is a tool for linguistic researchers. It is based on a large corpus of over 6 billion characters that shows the continuing evolution of the Chinese language over time and across Chinese speaking communities. 
LIVaC has been in continuous operation since 1995. LIVAC is a unique synchronous Chinese corpus providing insights into linguistic developments across the Chinese communities of Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, Singapore and Taiwan. LIVaC continuously draws and analyzes data from their Chinese printed news media. It enables the monitoring of linguistic and social developments over time.
More information about LiVaC can be found on Wikipedia.   
1. LiVaC New Chinese Buzzword Rosters


What are the NEW Buzzwords in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Taipei in 2021? 

Click the picture to see the New Chinese Buzzword Rosters from 2017-2021.
The Top 5 new words in Pan-Chinese Regions are: 躺平主義 (Lie Flat Approach, tang ping zhu yi), 元宇宙 (Metaverse, yuan yu zhou), 紙板床 (Cardboard Bed, zhi ban chuang), 以疆制華 (Xinjiang as China Stopper, yi jiang zhi hua), 核廢水排放 (Nuclear Waste Disposal, he fei shui pai fang)
Press release issued by City University of Hong Kong: New Chinese Buzzwords for 2021 released by LIVAC Pan-Chinese linguistic database
2. LiVaC Rosters of Newsmaker
Who are the Top Newsmakers, or KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Taipei? 
Click the picture to see the Newsmaker Rosters from 2015-2020. 
2020 LIVAC Newsmaker Roster Banner
Press release issued by City University of Hong Kong: Pan-Chinese top newsmaker of 2020